AZEK Pavers - Perfect for your Horse

AZEK Pavers - Perfect for your Horse

22nd Feb 2018

AZEK Pavers - Perfect for your Horse

When choosing a new floor for their horse stable these horse owners understood that the most common horse stable surfaces such as concrete, dirt, clay or aggregate (loose fill) floors - are hard on animals standing for extended periods of time. Large amounts of bedding are required to offer the cushioning support needed. Azek landscape paver’s were easily installed in this stable over the existing ground with minimum preparation.


  • Colour: Boardwalk / Waterwheel
  • QTY: 8 pavers per grid
  • Paver Size: 102 x 203mm
  • Grid Size: 406 x 406mm
  • Height: 60mm (including grid)
  • Weight: 7.3kgs (pavers & grid)

Azek pavers are heavy duty shock absorbing interlocking rubber pavers, available in three modern anti-slip colours: Waterwheel, Boardwalk and Redwood. Azek Pavers are ideal for Horse Walker flooring, parade rings, saddling areas, wash bays, breezeways, driveways, pathways, paddock gate entrances, around feed bins & water troughs and dairy farm usage.

For more information on the Horse Stable project you can find helpful project sheets at or by viewing the project sheet below

Ever wonder why when you see the "hero shots" of high end barns, race tracks and equestrian facilities the world over you are sure to see aisles and walkways paved with rubber. Rubber tiles and interlocking pavers are not only for the most exclusive farms. Azek pavers are now available in Australia and you can have them, either self install or through one of our preferred installers. Azek pavers are perfect for your equine facility. Perhaps the most obvious is the safety and comfort that they provide for both horses and humans.

The non-slip surface helps protect against accidents, and the cushioning of the rubber is easier on the joints than traditional cement flooring. Acoustics are another advantage. Stables, breezeways and race tracks are much quieter when the hard surfaces are paved in Azek pavers compared with other flooring materials, especially cement.

They also look attractive, and help to control the dust in the barn. When complete the horse owners were amazed at how well the Azek pavers performed. After months of use there were no pavers kicked out or any negative feedback. The horses that used this stable were relaxed whilst standing on the pavers and clean up was a breeze.

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