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ITI is pleased to announce we are now a distributor of Easycraft in Australia and New Zealand.

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Why Choose Easycraft®

  • Australian Made

    All our raw materials are produced by Australian manufactures, our processing and painting is conducted locally. Easycraft has a national sales & distribution network to ensure that our products can be provided to any renovation, extension or construction site through out Australia
  • Accreditation

    Easycraft is committed to providing products that use environmentally sustainable timbers, sourced using best practice management systems, comply with national construction building codes and promotes the benefits of using Australian grown and made wood based products.
  • Ease of Installation

    Easycraft’s easyjoin system provides a means to join one board to the next easily and seamlessly. The easyjoin system allows you to install your selected profile with no sign of interruption. Easycraft panels are easy to install, so much so that we have significant popularity among DIY home improvers. Within commercial projects, it can be installed by one of the following contractors; Carpenter, Plastering Contractor or Joinery Contractor.
  • Easy to Finish

    Easycraft panels come pre-primed (using a commercial grade primer) ready for final coat application, effectively reducing labour time on-site by up to a third. Easycraft offer other alternative finishing options, including a clear and white wash lacquer coat, ready to install.
  • Tough and Impact Resistant

    Out performs plasterboard for impact resistance and abrasion. Easycraft panels are 300% more impact resistant than standard plasterboard and 50% better than impact resistant plasterboard which makes Easycraft panels an ideal choice for use in; corridors, foyers, classrooms, offices, retail (shops and restaurants), games rooms and garages.
  • Quality

    Easycraft panels provide the natural feel of timber without the defects, imperfections, knots and grain inconsistencies. Easycraft panels are manufactured with a consistent density, thickness, width and length, and are suitable for use with fixing nails and countersunk screws. The panels can be loaded with significantly more weight than plasterboard. With Easycraft easyjoin system and the very nature of our panels, they will not become brittle or crack over time. Easycraft panels will stand the test of time and movement, and will not require patching and painting in the distant future.

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    If you need any information on EasyCraft or would like to speak to an ITI Consultant to discuss how EasyCraft can work with your next project, please leave us your details and we will be in touch with you very soon.