Extreme Exterior Timber Products

Need exterior grade performance from a sustainable source? Experience the extreme timber range.

Build beautiful exterior structures with sustainable Extreme Timber. Replace steel with a sustainable timber manufactured for the extreme outdoors. With the built in protection of Vacsol® Azure or Tanalith® CCA APVMA(1) registered wood preservatives, your ExtremeTimber® wood products used in Australia are guaranteed to be resistant against termite attack and fungal decay (rot) as per the table in this form.

Extreme Post

Hold up a roof, bolt on a beam Extreme Posts can do it for you. Extreme Posts can be buried in the ground, allowing you to build a pergola with reduced structural bracing.

Extreme Beam

Long spans for beams and rafters with the option of either stain or paint. With a vast array of sizes and lengths allow for endless design options.

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