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Deck Protect Composite Care Products are designed to clean, rejuvenate or protect wood plastic composite (WPC) decks and screens. Three years of extensive testing on ModWood.

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A safe solution for high contact applications
Protection against Australians Bush fires up to BAL-29
A wide range of applications that include decking & screening
Protection against fungal decay & termite attacks
Sustainably sourced Radiata pine

Introduction to FlameFixx dFx



FLAMEfixx dfx™ products have been extensively tested to ensure optimal performance against Australian Bush fires. FLAMEfixx dfx™ timber products exceed the requirements of BAL-29 set out in the Australian Standard AS 3959-2018 “Construction of buildings in bush fire-prone areas.”


Direct exposure to flames from the fire in front in addition to heat flux of greater than 40 kW/m² and ember attack


Increasing levels of ember attack and ignition of debris with a heat flux of up to 40 kW/m² and increased likelihood of exposure to flames


Covered by FLamefixxDFX”
Increasing levels of ember attack and ignition of debris with a heat flux of up to 29 kW/m²


Covered by FLamefixxDFX”
Increasing levels of ember attack and ignition of debris with a heat flux of up to 19 kW/m²


Covered by FLamefixxDFX”
Ember attack with heat flux of up to 12.5 kW/m²



It is recommemded that fasteners used with FLAMEfixxDFX™ products are stainless steel (304 or 316 grade) or hot-dipped galvanised.


All packs are wrapped in plastic with the distinctive ITI FLAMEfixxdFx™ logo & brand. All decking and screening boards are edge-branded with the logo, the Hazard Class [H3], treatment plant number & chemical identification number all in a single, rectangular grid.


Like all natural timbers, applying a coating is highly recommended. For best results use penetrating oils, stains or other timber coatings. on all FLAMEfixxDFX™ products to protect against water ingress, cracking & checking.




FLAMEfixxdFx™ is impregnated with dFx™ technology. This patented, industry-leading technology combines a globally approved, durable (d) wood preservative and a proprietary fire-retardant (Fx) into a single working solution. Once the timber is impregnated with the dFx™ solution, the active ingredients are fixed in the wood for the life span of the timber. The fire-retardant component of FLAMEfixxdFx™ is based on inorganic natural ingredients that don’t contain hydrocarbon or carbon. This results in low smoke generation levels during combustion in a bush fire, wildfire or fire situation.

FLAMEfixxdFx™ products are backed by a 25-year performance warranty for protection against fungal decay and termites when installed in exterior, above-ground applications. FLAMEfixxdFx™ complies with the Australia Standard for preservative treatment AS1604.1.

25 years




Plantation grown Radiata pine is the timber of choice for FLAMEfixxdFx™. Radiata pine is versatile by nature, with beautiful colours and grains and offers structural strength. A key feature of Radiata pine is its ability to be readily impregnated with the dFx™ solution. This allows it to achieve the desired performance benefits for exterior, above ground, bushfire protection. FLAMEfixxdFx™ Radiata pine is readily grown in Australia, New Zealand & Chile.


FLAMEfixxDFX™ meets the health, safety & environmental requirements for currently approved wood preservatives. The Flame-retardant is an inorganic metal oxide which is fixed in the timber. On combustion, the retardant reverts to its original, natural, inorganic form. The result is no adverse environmental issues with air emissions & residual ash. Smoke inhalation is the leading cause of fire-related deaths. A key factor in determining human safety is reducing smoke. FLAMEfixxDFX™ is an arsenic-free product and safe for use in high contact surface areas including playgrounds, decking, pergolas, patios, garden edging.



Wood Modification Technologies (WMT) invented, patented and developed the dFx process technology, now known as FLAMEfixxdFx™ . WMT has achieved several Fire Test Certificates for timber thicknesses greater than 13mm. The results of the testing exceed the requirements set out in the Australian Standards (AS 3959-2009 & 2018) for BAL-29 conditions.

Fire Test Certificate for FLAMEfixx 13mm

Fire Test Certificate for FLAMEfixx 18mm

Fire Test Certificate for FLAMEfixx 22mm

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