Based on the latest advancement in cement and fibre-reinforcement technology, OxyMag 16mm & 19mm floor boards offer EXTREME STRENGTH and that is LIGHT WEIGHT and COST EFFECTIVE.OxyMag floor boards have a greater bending strength than thicker, heavier Fibre Cement (FC) boards. This results in a load capacity that is far greater than FC boards.

  • Suitable for RESIDENTIAL & LIGHT COMMERCIAL applications - refer design/load tables*
  • Suitable for INTERNAL, EXTERNAL and WET AREA applications
  • NON-COMBUSTIBLE per AS 1530.1
  • Tongue-and-grooved for easy installation
  • Can be fixed with screws or a nail-gun
  • Green and eco-friendly production
  • Non-toxic
  • Mould, rot and termite resistant
  • Free of potentially corrosion inducing chloride ions
  • Tested to relevant Australian Standards - refer to physical properties schedule*

OxyMag floor boards offer a "one size fits all" solution to the floor substrate market



  • Stronger - 16mm OxyMag floor boards outperform typical 19mm FC Floor boards and 19mm OxyMag floor boards outperform typical 22mm FC floor boards. As shown in the table below, typical 19mm FC floor boards have an average wet MOR (modules of rupture) of >7 MPa (megapascal). 16mm OxyMag floor boards have a wet MOR >19 MPa - 2.7 times greater than typical 19mm FC boards. As a result, OxyMag floor boards can substitute thicker FC boards while still achieving a stronger floor solution
  • Lighter - OxyMag floor boards are up to 7Kg lighter than equivalent, thicker FC floor boards. This result in easier handling and faster installation.
  • More Cost Effective - By substituting thicker FC floor boards with thinner OxyMag floor boards, the builder can benefit from significant cost savings. Easier handling and faster installation will also reduce labor costs.
  • More Versatile - 16mm and 19mm OxyMag floor boards can be used internally, externally and in wet areas. They can also be used for residential and light commercial applications. One board - multiple applications
  • Greener Production Process - OxyMag floor boards have significantly less embodied energy than FC boards.
  • Less Hazardous - FC boards contain high levels (up to 60%) of crystalline silica (CS). When inhaled as dust particles, CS is classified as a hazardous chemical. It can lead to silicosis and/or contribute to lung cancer. OxyMag boards contain only trace elements of CS which do not pose a health risk.

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