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WHAT IS tier™?

tier™ is an extremely hardwearing indoor flooring range, suitable for offices, homes or public spaces. Comprised of a specially developed composite material called CarbideCore™, tier™ offers the perfect combination of what you normally get from a ceramic tile (water resistant and stable) and a hardwood floor (warm feeling and soft sound). tier™ has revolutionised the world of indoor flooring, by creating a new category in performance and price.


1 Bedroom
2 Bathroom
3 Kitchen
4 Living Areas
5 Walls
6 Commercial

Profile Components

Engineered polymer wear layer

TIER™ flooring has a scratch resistant, anti-slip, anti-UV wear layer that you would expect from a luxury flooring product. TIER™ flooring has embossed surfaces for a more realistic texture.

Print layer

A diverse range of finishes are available including assorted textures of wood, concrete, marble and abstract prints.

Rigid CarbideCore™ centre

The core layer is an extruded composite of powdered minerals and vinyl. The result is a new mineral polymer composite material which is extremely rigid. The benefit to you is that TIER™ flooring has a mixture of the characteristics of a ceramic tile and a vinyl floor.

Soft foam IXPE underlay

If your TIER™ flooring has a preapplied foam underlay, you will get the following additional benefits: sound insulation (less clicking; sounds wonderful to walk on), thermal insulation (helps in cold weather and is still suitable for underfloor heating), softer feeling (feels great, for your feet).


tier™ indoor flooring has 13 superior characteristics that set it apart from the indoor flooring you may already have or know, making it a far more long-lasting and durable flooring option.

  • Superior Strength

    The CarbideCore™ centre is an extruded composite of powdered minerals and vinyl. The result is a new material that is extremely rigid. The benefit to you is that tier™ flooring can be installed on imperfect surfaces (such as a concrete screed or existing tiles) with no surface preparation required. Minor imperfections beneath the flooring will not be seen or felt on the surface of your tier™ floor.
  • Unrivalled water resistance

    The materials which make up the layers of tier™ flooring are each highly resistant to moisture. This stability means that our perfectly machined click fit system forms a snug, watertight fit, every time. The benefit to you is that tier™ flooring will not allow a spill to penetrate your flooring and even in the event of a major flood, will not absorb water, swell or buckle.
  • Stable to the elements

    Weather, sun and moisture can cause certain flooring to warp and twist, however the powdered mineral component of tier™’s CarbideCore™ prevents it from changing shape or form under different conditions. In addition, it will not react with common household chemicals. The benefit to you is that tier™ flooring will keep looking its best, even after many years. This stability also allows you to install tier™ flooring without expansion gaps on areas up to 400m², even between adjacent rooms.
  • Excellent heat resistance

    tier™ flooring can tolerate temperatures of up to 80°C without any significant effects. This means that when one part of your floor is exposed to direct sunlight and the other part is in shade, there are no differences in how the two areas perform. The benefit to you is that you will not see any warping, bending or buckling – even in very sunny areas.
  • Simple click installation

    The CarbideCore™ layer is made up of new material that is scientifically machined to exact standards. The result is that the shape and size of these precise parts remains consistent, always. The benefit to you is that tier™ flooring can be easily and quickly assembled by clicking the machined edges together as you go. The parts will not wear away against each other or deform over time.
  • VOC free

    The CarbideCore™ layer uses no toxic adhesives; it is a composite of powdered minerals and vinyl that will not emit VOCs into your home or office. When adding the other layers such as the foamed base and the surface wear layer, we have developed a bonding system that is also free of VOCs. The benefit to you is comfort in knowing that tier™ flooring brings no harmful chemicals into your home and work environments.
  • Easy cutting & fitting

    tier™ flooring can be cut by simply scoring the surface with a sharp utility knife or tile cutter, then snapped in two with a quick strike action just like glass or tiles. There is no need to buy expensive tools to install. For the science buffs, this is due to the CarbideCore™ layer possessing certain glass-like characteristics, which will respond to a load according to the time-temperature superposition principle.
  • Dual application – floor & wall

    tier™ flooring can be installed as flooring or as wall cladding, similar to that of a ceramic tile. You could even create a space that encompasses a seamless floor and wall finish. No preparation is required for floor applications, saving a lot of time and labour. Flexible adhesives are recommended for wall applications.
  • Anti-bacterial & anti-microbial

    tier™ floorboards resist the growth and multiplication of a wide spectrum of microbes; this includes moulds, bacteria, fungi and even certain viruses. These anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties offer a internal flooring solution that is cleaner and more hygenic; great for homes with pets, children, allergy sufferers as well as industries where cleanliness is a priority.

Do you need more information?

If you need any information on tier™ or would like to speak to an ITI Consultant to discuss how tier™ can work with your next project, please leave us your details and we will be in touch with you very soon.